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“Jammu and Kashmir Police Launches Comprehensive Initiative Against Drug Dealers”

“Jammu and Kashmir Police Launches Comprehensive Initiative Against Drug Dealers”

“Director General RR Swain’s Classification Plan Aims to Safeguard Youth, Combating the Menace of Narco-Terrorism”

Bashir Beigh

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir’s Director General of Police, RR Swain, recently announced a stringent crackdown on drug dealers, expressing the police’s intent to categorize narco-dealers into A, B, and C classifications for effective law enforcement.

Swain’s proclamation underscores the Jammu and Kashmir Police’s commitment to encircle and apprehend drug dealers who pose a significant threat to society, particularly the youth. The assurance of large-scale mapping and classification of these criminals deserves robust public backing, given the profound impact of drug abuse on the present and future generations, leading to the diversion of young individuals from their career paths and the disintegration of families.

The destructive consequences extend beyond individuals, affecting national human resources and contributing to an economy sustained by illicit activities, including crime, the underworld, and terrorism. The region has endured the repercussions of terrorism, fueled by historical geopolitical conflicts and the transfer of narco-trafficking funds to Pakistan. Operation TOPAC’s implementation further exacerbated societal instability in Jammu and Kashmir, resulting in a heavy toll on the region.

Swain rightly identifies the crucial role of individuals with drug-addicted relatives in curbing the spread of this societal poison. Numerous studies affirm the link between drugs and terrorism, coining the term “narco-terrorism” to describe the lethal alliance between the two. Exploiting people’s dependence on drugs, subversive elements find recruits easily for terrorist acts, making it imperative for Jammu and Kashmir to remain vigilant against drug terrorism.

Continuous drug smuggling from Punjab underscores the need for heightened vigilance on Union Territory borders to prevent easy infiltration into Jammu and Kashmir. While there was once a trend of poppy cultivation in Kashmir, it has been declining. Monitoring both cross-border drug flow and local cultivation is crucial to thwarting this burgeoning evil.

The Jammu and Kashmir Police’s extensive experience in combating terrorism positions it well to address evolving threats such as narco-terrorism and hybrid terrorism. A coordinated security grid focused on neutralizing terrorism, with active involvement from civil society, NGOs, educational institutions, and religious figures, is imperative. Recognizing that the police alone cannot eradicate the drug scourge, a comprehensive sensitization campaign from schools to universities is proposed, with students emerging as vital ambassadors in the fight against drugs.

Under DGPRR Swain’s leadership, the Jammu and Kashmir Police’s efforts to apprehend drug peddlers are acknowledged as a commendable national service. However, the task demands full social support to shield the youth from the poison of drugs and secure the region’s future.

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