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“Significant progress on the construction front”

“Significant progress on the construction front”

A remarkable change has taken place in the development scenario in Jammu and Kashmir during the last four years

Work on 92,560 projects was started under the supervision of Lt. Governor, many projects were completed

The unwavering commitment of the government became the basis of the development strategy, the work of reaching every section of the society continued

Bashir Beigh

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir has undergone a remarkable transformation during the last four years with an increase in development initiatives, most of which have been effectively implemented by the government. From the quiet valleys of Kashmir to the plains of Jammu, the government’s unwavering commitment to the development of the most marginalized has become the bedrock of its development strategy. The impressive statistics highlight the government’s commitment to transform the lives of people in the region. In the financial year 2019-20; 12,637 projects were completed in 2020-21, followed by 21,943 projects. The pace skyrocketed in 2021-22, with a staggering 50,726 projects completed, and a staggering 92,560 projects currently underway in 2022-23. What distinguishes the approach of the Jammu and Kashmir government is its constant focus on change. Under the leadership of the LG management, it is committed to ensure that the fruits of development reach the remote and marginalized sections. The administration is active in providing education, health care and livelihood opportunities to these sections of the society. A significant emphasis has been placed on rural development, recognizing the important role of strong rural infrastructure in overall development. Priority projects include road connectivity, clean water supply and electrification which significantly raise the standard of living in rural areas. The completion of several development projects has not only raised the standard of living but also boosted the local economy. Job creation has been the focus of the central government resulting in ample employment opportunities in various sectors. It has had a huge impact. People have been empowered and efforts are being made to curb unemployment. Expanding infrastructure has been an important aspect of the government’s development strategy. Investments in projects such as roads, bridges and transport networks have promoted better connectivity between regions. This, in turn, has facilitated the seamless movement of goods and services, further driving economic growth. The record breaking number of development projects completed by the Jammu and Kashmir government in the last four years is a testament to its commitment to serving the most underserved. Through its holistic approach, the government has worked tirelessly to bridge the gaps, uplift the backward classes and accelerate economic growth. As Jammu and Kashmir continues its path of development, it promises a brighter and more prosperous future for every citizen of the region.

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