Bijbehara’s Jablipora residents demand proper drinking water facility

New pipeline under new scheme yet to be laid: Locals

Bijbehara : The residents of Jablipora area of Bijbehara in South Kashmir’s Anantnag district on Monday alleged that they are facing a water crisis in the area for the last several years.

The residents told news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that a water supply scheme in the area was constructed in the 70s, but as population increased, it failed to cater to the entire area.

In 2009-10, a new water supply scheme was sanctioned for the area and authorities completed its main components several years but due to unknown reasons, a new pipeline which was part of the scheme wasn’t laid in the year, they said.

“At some spots small pipes were laid in the area, however, the majority of the area is still connected through old pipelines due to which adequate supply of water isn’t reaching most of the households and dozens of households aren’t even getting a single drop of water,” the residents said.

They demanded that the matter must be investigated as and why a new pipeline which was part of the scheme wasn’t laid in the area.

“We have been suffering in the absence of drinking water and had to cover long distances in order to fetch water,” they said, adding “that problem has persisted for the past five years now but no attention is being given in this regard.”

The residents said that they have repeatedly knocked the doors of concerned authorities but to avail and locals continue to suffer. They urged higher ups to look into the matter and take concrete steps immediately in this regard so that locals won’t suffer any more—(KNO)

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