Investing in J&K means investment in Unity, integrity of India: Lt Guv Manoj Sinha at Vibrant Gujarat

Investing in J&K means investment in Unity, integrity of India: Lt Guv Manoj Sinha at Vibrant Gujarat

Gandhinagar (Gujarat), January 12: Jammu and Kashmir is poised for a significant influx of investment. Expressing confidence in the positive response received from industrialists, Lt Governor Manoj Sinha anticipates an investment of Rs 2500-3,000 crores in the near future.

Speaking at the Vibrant Gujarat Summit during the Jammu and Kashmir State Seminar, LG Manoj Sinha expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, emphasising the crucial role of the central sector scheme led by Amit Shah.

Sinha applauded the central government for providing significant incentives, marking a positive shift in the investment climate for Jammu and Kashmir.

LG Sinha said, “Jammu has all premiere educational institutions of the country. No dearth of skilled manpower. Handloom export is increasing. 4 years of time will be remembered for the change. Crime is less than Gujarat”.

“We will not welcome by red tape but with red carpet. Large magnesium deposits are also found, and natural resources are there in Jammu and Kashmir. Why should be invested in Jammu and Kashmir? – good for business and also provides better healthcare, he said.

He added, “PM Modi, after a long time, made it conducive to business. You will get maximum profit and will strengthen Jammu and Kashmir as part of India”.

The LG stressed the concerted efforts to establish a viable environment in the region, aiming to attract investments and solidify Kashmir’s integration with India.

LG Sinha said, “Someone will only invest when there is some kind of profit…Investing in Jammu and Kashmir means investing in India, investing in the unity and integrity of India…”

Sinha acknowledged Gujarat’s pivotal role in India’s growth trajectory and acknowledged the wounds of the past, expressing optimism about the transformative changes witnessed in the last four years.

Highlighting Prime Minister Modi’s vision for Jammu and Kashmir, Sinha cited a recent report that positioned the region as the most searched online destination, surpassing even Switzerland.

He attributed this interest to the stable, viable, and peaceful environment created in Jammu and Kashmir, drawing positive attention globally.

Asserting confidence, LG Manoj Sinha stated, “We will make it better than Davos,” referring to the town in the Swiss Alps famous for hosting the World Economic Forum.

He lauded Jammu for hosting premier educational institutions and emphasised the abundance of skilled manpower in the region.

Sinha highlighted the positive economic indicators, with increasing handloom exports and a reduction in crime rates compared to Gujarat.

He assured investors that Jammu and Kashmir would welcome them with a red carpet, not red tape, fostering a conducive business environment.

Drawing attention to natural resources, LG Sinha mentioned the discovery of large magnesium deposits, emphasising the investment potential in the region.

He outlined the reasons to invest in Jammu and Kashmir, emphasising its benefits for business and healthcare.

Addressing security concerns, Sinha stated, “Jammu and Kashmir as part of India. Terrorism is taking its last breath in Jammu and Kashmir; our neighbours have tried many times. The terror ecosystem will be demolished. We don’t believe in buying peace but in establishing it.

He reiterated his commitment to establishing peace rather than buying it, expressing confidence in the region’s trajectory towards economic prosperity and stability.

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