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J&K Police DGP R.R. Swain’s public relations campaign shifted from Police Headquarter to District Headquarters

J&K Police DGP R.R. Swain’s public relations campaign shifted from Police Headquarter to District Headquarters

A major effort to bridge gap between public and police; increase in public trust, people and those in need have direct conversations with police chief

Iqbal wani

SRINAGAR: In a major initiative, the newly appointed Director General of Jammu and Kashmir Police, R.r. Swain, has launched a comprehensive public outreach program to bridge the gap between the public and the police force.

It is aimed aims to foster better understanding and cooperation between law enforcement agencies and society. After assuming the post of DGP Swain recognized the importance of building trust and communication between the police and the public.

He pointed out the need for a new organized outreach program that would not only address community tensions but also create a platform for meaningful dialogue.

Swain felt that effective access should be extended from Srinagar and Jammu to other districts of Jammu and Kashmir. This led to reach out to wider audience across the Jammu and Kashmir.

This expansion encouraged police forces to connect with the community in remote areas by ensuring that even those who are not willing to travel to big cities can access this initiative.

Acknowledging the socio-economic disparity in the region, DGP Swain laid special emphasis on reaching out to the underprivileged. The outreach program included initiatives designed to address the unique challenges faced by economically disadvantaged individuals and communities.

DGP Swain encouraged open meetings where members of the community and others could voice their concerns and can share feedback and suggest improvements. These sessions facilitated a two-way communication channel through which police forces understood the needs of the community as well as their own challenges and responsibilities.

The public outreach initiative under DGP Swain’s leadership was widely welcomed by both the public and police officials.

Communities welcomed the approach of police forces to address their concerns, while police officers felt a new sense of purpose and connection to the community. Ultimately, DGP Swain’s public outreach ended as a model for other law enforcement agencies which demonstrates the transformative power of community involvement in the pursuit of a safer and more inclusive society.

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