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Preservation of water resources a shared responsibility: VC LCMA

Preservation of water resources a shared responsibility: VC LCMA

Srinagar: There is a critical need to preserve water resources, including lakes, Vice Chancellor, Lakes Conservation and Management Authority (LCMA) said on Friday.

Speaking with the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), the VC LCMA, Dr Bashir Ahmad Bhat said preserving water resources is a shared responsibility. He shed light on various aspects of lakes’ conservation, from catchment processes to tackling water scarcity challenges.

“Preservation of all our water resources, including lakes and others, is a crucial step and stakeholders need to be responsible and work accordingly in line with their responsibilities,” Dr Bhat said.

He said the conservation of lakes involves various processes like catchment, preservation or different works. Regarding water scarcity, he termed it a serious issue, saying LCMA has a water budget that needs to be maintained.

“About 70 to 80 percent of the water budget is snow-bound and is supplied by Nalla Tailbal,” he informed. “The basic idea is to preserve the water sources for long-term sustenance, and there’s a hope that water scarcity won’t be a problem,” he said.

Responding to a query about climate change and technology for the prevention and preservation of lakes for future generations, the VC LCMA said the head of the lake is maintained, and the outflow channels are regulated.

“In Dal Lake, there’s channel management at different places like Nalai Amir Khan, Brar Nambal and other locations, which help maintain water levels,” he said.

About prohibited construction in Dal Lake, Dr Bashir said the law is the same for everyone. If there’s any violation, people should inform us and we will take action, he urged.

“Regular demolitions have been conducted, with more than 600 demolitions carried out last year. Repair permissions are granted, and if any violations occur, they will be addressed,” he assured.

Speaking about the ban on houseboat renovation, the officer said it has a proper mechanism monitored by the court. “Last year, 17 houseboat renovation orders were provided, which were later granted permission by the court,” he said.

On the poaching of migratory birds, he said the Wildlife Department handles it, and if any complaints are received, they inform the department and necessary action is taken, according to the law.

Dr Bhat further said the LCMA has started the bio-digester project which is almost complete. “Around 90 percent of the work has been done, and it will be operational soon and will connect all houseboats to sewage lines,” he said—(KNO)

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