Will restore jobs, land rights of J&K taken away by the current govt: Azad

Will restore jobs, land rights of J&K taken away by the current govt: Azad

Srinagar May 20: Chairman of the Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP), Ghulam Nabi Azad, today made a significant promise to the people of Anantnag East, assuring them that he will work tirelessly to restore the jobs and land that have been taken away by the current government. Addressing a large gathering during his road show, Azad emphasised the growing discontent among the people due to these critical issues. Azad pointed out the severe impact of job loss on the community, highlighting that many families are struggling to secure a stable future for their children. “Today, if a father takes a loan to ensure proper education for his child, he finds himself without a job. And even if he manages to get one, he has to compete with candidates from other states. This situation is fueling the rise in unemployment, and it’s concerning that no one is addressing this issue,” said Azad. The DPAP Chairman’s comments resonated strongly with the people, many of whom expressed their frustration over the current economic and social challenges. Azad assured them that under his leadership, the DPAP would prioritise job creation and the restoration of land rights, aiming to bring stability and prosperity back to the region. Azad further stated that his primary focus is on development, contrasting the DPAP’s goals with the actions of other parties. “Other parties have only fooled people with false promises. They didn’t speak up in parliament when the current government revoked Article 370 and statehood. Their MPs were silent, and today they haven’t repeated those MPs because they know they couldn’t represent the people’s interests in parliament,” Azad said. He expressed deep concern over the rising drug problem among the youth, criticising regional parties for their exploitation. He assured that his party is committed to ending unemployment and reinstating the Roshni Scheme, which primarily benefited the poor. Azad emphasised that the mountains and land of Jammu & Kashmir belong to its people, affirming their inherent right to these resources. He reminded the public that when the current government attempted to evict residents through a land eviction order, it was his party that took a stand and successfully halted the process. He highlighted that no other party opposed the order, showcasing his party’s dedication to protecting the rights of the people of Jammu & Kashmir. Azad further stated that those who accused his party of being backed by the ruling party have now been exposed. “Now everyone has seen the reality of who is with them and who was with them,” he said. He pointed out that first it was the NC and then the PDP who enjoyed power with the ruling party. “I am Azad and I will remain Azad,” he affirmed.

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