“Path of harmony and peace to start with Pran Pratishtha of Lord Ram”: Mohan Bhagwat

“Path of harmony and peace to start with Pran Pratishtha of Lord Ram”: Mohan Bhagwat

Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) : As the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Lord Ram in the Ram Mandir approaches, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat penned a letter stating that the reconstruction of ‘Jagdabhiram Bharatvarsha,’ exemplifying the principles of harmony, unity, progress, and peace, is set to commence with the arrival of Shri Ram Lalla at the Ram Janmabhoomi and his consecration.
“Considering our national life, discipline will have to be created in social life also. We know that Shri Ram-Lakshman had completed 14 years of exile and a successful fight with the powerful Ravana. Justice and compassion, harmony, fairness, and social virtues reflected in the character of Shri Ram, once again spreading in the society, building a manly society based on equal justice without exploitation, endowed with strength as well as compassion, this will be the worship of Shri Ram,” he said.

He asserted that due to ego, selfishness and discrimination, this world is in a frenzy of destruction and is bringing infinite calamities upon itself.
“The reconstruction of Jagdabhiram Bharatvarsha and ‘Sarvesham Avirodhi’ which shows the path of harmony, unity, progress and peace, is going to start with the entry of Shri Ram Lalla in Ram Janmabhoomi and his Pran Pratishtha. All of us have resolved to bring to completion the reconstruction of the temple as well as the reconstruction of India and hence the entire world in the devotional celebration of 22 January. Move forward by establishing this feeling in your heart,” he added.
He further said that foreign invaders destroyed temples in India to demoralize the Indian society so that India would become permanently weak and they could rule over them.
“The history of our India is the history of continuous struggle against the invaders for the last one and a half thousand years. The purpose of early invasions was to plunder and sometimes (like Sikander’s invasions) to establish a kingdom. However, the attacks from the West in the name of Islam only brought destruction and isolation of the society. To demoralize the country and society, it was necessary to destroy their religious places, hence the foreign invaders also destroyed the temples in India. They did this not once, but many times. They aimed to demoralize the Indian society so that the Indians would become permanently weak and they could rule over them unhindered,” Mohan Bhagwat said.
“The demolition of Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya was also done with the same intention and for the same purpose. This policy of the invaders was not limited to just Ayodhya or any one temple, but was for the entire world,” he added.
The RSS chief also mentioned that in 1857, when war plans started being made against the foreign power i.e., the British power, Hindus and Muslims together showed readiness to fight against them and then there was a mutual exchange of ideas between them. At that time, a situation was created where there would be a reconciliation on the issue of banning cow slaughter and the liberation of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi. Bahadur Shah Zafar also included a ban on cow slaughter in his manifesto.
“Therefore all societies fought together. Indians showed bravery in that war but unfortunately, this war failed, and India did not get independence, British rule remained uninterrupted, but the struggle for Ram Temple did not stop. According to the policy of “Divide and Rule” of the British among Hindu Muslims, which was already in practice and became more and more strict. To break the unity, the British hanged the heroes of the struggle in Ayodhya and the question of liberation of Ram Janmabhoomi remained the same,” Mohan Bhagwat said.
Further, mentioning the Supreme Court’s order on the Ram Mandir, Bhagwat said that the Apex Court gave a balanced decision after listening to both sides and examining the truth and facts.
“On November 9, 2019, after 134 years of legal struggle, the Supreme Court gave a balanced decision after examining the truth and facts. The feelings and facts of both parties were also considered in this decision. This decision has been given after hearing the arguments of all the parties in the court. According to this decision, a board of trustees was established for the construction of the temple. Bhoomi Pujan of the temple took place on August 5, 2020, and now, accordingly, the installation and Pran Pratishtha ceremony of the idol of Shri Ramlala has been organized on 22 January 2024,” he said in his letter.

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