US: Trump takes a jab at Nikki Haley, says she “had a very bad night”

US: Trump takes a jab at Nikki Haley, says she “had a very bad night”

New Hampshire [US]: Former US President Donald Trump took a jab at Nikki Haley after his projected win in the New Hampshire primary, saying that she “had a very bad night,” as reported by CNN.
Trump, during his speech, said that the former South Carolina governor did very poorly.

“She did very poorly, actually,” he said. “The governor said she’s going to win, she’s going to win, she’s going to win. Then she failed badly.”
In a speech to supporters in the Granite State, he pointed out Haley’s performance in last week Iowa’s caucuses, where she came in third behind the former president and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has since dropped out of the race, according to CNN.
Boasting his victory, Trump said, “We win it every time. We win the primary. We win the generals.”
Furthermore, he also railed against Nikki Haley in social media posts, boosting pressure on his rival to drop out of the Republican presidential primary.
However, Haley congratulated Trump after his projected win, and earlier during an election night speech, she vowed to stay in the race regardless of New Hampshire results.
Some of the comments made by Trump on his ‘Truth’ social media platform included, “Haley said she had to WIN in New Hampshire. SHE DIDN’T!!!” one post read.
In another post, Trump called her “delusional,” moments after Haley began her remarks, according to CNN.
The third post read, “SHE CAME IN THIRD LAST WEEK!”
However, Haley has not said that she needed to win New Hampshire in order to continue her presidential campaign but instead argued that she needed to perform better than she did in the Iowa caucuses, where she finished a distant third behind Trump.
Meanwhile, the Trump campaign sent a fundraising text to supporters on Tuesday, declaring “THIS RACE IS OVER!” shortly after he was projected to win the New Hampshire primary.
Moreover, Nikki Haley’s allies are casting Donald Trump’s attacks on her in his speech tonight as bolstering her case and likely to generate more support for her decision to stay in the nomination fight.
However, a Haley aide called Trump’s speech “weird, nasty and angry,” and an outside ally called it “a huge gift to us.”
Reportedly, Trump started her victory speech by venting his anger at Haley. “She’s doing a speech like she won. She didn’t win. She lost,” he said.
Earlier today, Haley said that the GOP contest was “far from over” with many states left to vote, as she looked forward to her home state of South Carolina, which hosts its Republican primary on February 24, according to CNN.
Moreover, Nikki Haley stressed that Trump will have “a harder time” in the Republican primary in her home state of South Carolina next month after the former president was projected to win Tuesday’s contest in New Hampshire.
“South Carolina voters don’t want a coronation. They want an election, and we’re going to give them one because we are just getting started,” Haley, a former Palmetto State governor, said.

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