India very important global player… deserves to be permanent UNSC member: Dominican Foreign Minister Vince Henderson

New York [US]: Dominica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Vince Henderson, made a strong case for India to be made a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), saying it has emerged as a “very important global player” and derserves to be considered for full membership of the UN body.
Addressing the ‘India-UN for Global South: Delivering for Development’ event in New York cITY on Saturday, the Dominican Foreign minister said, “I know that India is a country that’s historically very polite, and you will not say or ask for certain things. But I will say today that we believe that India is emerging as a very important global player and we believe that India deserves to have a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.”

He said India deserves to be a permanent member of the UNSC not only as the most populous country on earth but also as one that has shown great responsibility in the exercise of its own powers.
“We believe that this is a matter that should be supported. We hope that India in turn, will continue to be a responsible member of the United Nations, but more so to be a good friend to small island developing states,” Henderson said.
The Dominican Foreign Minister added that his country has benefited tremendously from its partnership and cooperation with India. “Over the years, we have had tremendous support in human resource development. Several Dominicans have pursued studies at universities across India. India has also been able to provide technical assistance to us in several areas in healthcare, in education and other fields of development. And we want to again say, thank you,” he said.
Weighing in on India’s vaccine diplomacy during the Covid-19 pandemic, he said New Delhi was able to respond to his country’s call for help and provide Dominica with vaccines, which his country, in turn, passed on to other member states in the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

Henderson thanked the Indian government and people for reaching out to Dominica “at a time of such need”. “I think it was just extending the hand of humanity,” he said.
“We do hope as well that India will become a partner with the rest of the international community in charting a path for development to rebuild Haiti so that some of the sufferings of the people there could be brought to an end. We do look forward to your support in that area,” Henderson added.
During his address, the Dominican Foreign minister said, “It is always a challenge when you sit in the presence of countries like India, the most populous nation on earth, you find yourself asking yourself a lot of questions about relevance and impact.”
Thanking New Delhi for the successful hosting of the G20 Summit, he said what was more important was how India used its presidency of the grouping to make it more inclusive by giving a voice to developing countries like itself.
“So we want to commend you (India) for the membership of the African Union as part of the G20,” he said at the event.

“But for us small island states, developing countries, the fact that India itself, as a developing country, extends the hand of friendship to us is something that we are eternally grateful for. The fact that you are able to share with us in spite of your own challenges, having to pull out millions, hundreds of millions of people out of poverty. But yet you have taken the opportunity to reach out to us,” the Dominican Foreign minister said.

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