Joshimath land subsidence: Experts recommend ban on new construction in area

New Delhi : A 35-member expert committee report on Joshimath landslide and subsidence issue has recommended a complete ban on new construction in the entire Joshimath area till the end of the coming monsoon.
The 35-member team consisted of professionals from the National Disaster Management Authority, UN agencies, the Central Building Research Institute, the National Institute of Disaster Management, and other agencies.

The team conducted a “Post Disaster Needs Assessment” from April 22 to April 25 to assess the damage caused and to identify the assistance required for the long-term recovery and reconstruction of the affected sectors.
The report also suggested that after post-monsoon reassessment of the ground conditions, some relaxation on new construction with prefab lightweight structures in comparatively safer areas may be thought of.
However, retrofitting of the old buildings can be permitted. The permission for single-storey public buildings with prefab lightweight structures may be permitted for critical emergency services only (Police Stations, fire stations, hospitals, school buildings, etc)
The highly damaged buildings in the area should be demolished/dismantled safely through manual/mechanical means and the debris generated should be segregated and removed from the area with suitable provision of dumping at suitable sites. Recycling and utilisation both in situ and at recycling plants at dumping yards are to be given utmost importance.

The report also suggests that no financial assistance will be provided to the buildings illegally encroached and that do not have a valid land-ownership document.
The first and foremost action would be to officially inform the people of Joshimath of the unsafe zones of the town, where no new building could be constructed. Inform the people clearly why the three resettlement sites are safe and the facilities that would be made available to the people.
Plan out the development and house construction at three relocation sites vis-à-vis demolition.
View the resettlement site design and development as an opportunity to expand the scope of tourism
Micro zonation map for the landslide of Joshimath.
This map with seismic and landslide vulnerability should be converted into a multi-hazard map. Site selection and type of building structure should be according to the multi-hazard maps, the report suggests.

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