UK MP Criticises Boris Johnson for Posing on Bulldozer in India, Asks Whether He Questioned Modi

New Delhi: A British MP, Nadia Whittome, on Thursday questioned UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for climbing on a bulldozer on his recent trip to India, given the context of what is happening in the country.

Bharatiya Janata Party administrations in various states have been using the guise of anti-encroachment drives to break down the houses or properties of people accused in various crimes, particularly targeting Muslims. The constitutionality of this move has been questioned by various experts.

Bringing up the issue, Whittome asked whether Johnson questioned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the targeting of Muslims properties, and if not, why not. “Local governments in a number of other Indian states have also carried out similar demolitions,” she said. “So I ask again, did the prime minister raise this with [Narendra] Modi? If not, why not? And does the minister accept that the prime minister’s visit to India has helped to legitimise the actions of Modi’s far-right government?”

On April 21, Johnson had visited a JCB factory near Vadodara. His visit came just a day after the controversial demolition drive in Jahangirpuri, where Muslim families alleged they were targeted by the administration following communal tensions in the region. The timing of Johnson’s visit and his photoshoot on a bulldozer then raised several questions, including on whether he was showing tacit support for the BJP’s actions.

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