“Trump is dangerous to women”: Jill Biden as she takes centre stage in re-election campaign

“Trump is dangerous to women”: Jill Biden as she takes centre stage in re-election campaign

Atlanta [US]: First Lady Jill Biden is stepping into a more prominent role in her husband’s re-election campaign, and she’s not shying away from expressing strong opinions, particularly about former President Donald Trump, CNN reported.
At an Atlanta event aimed at mobilising female voters, she didn’t hold back, signalling a clear shift in her approach. The First Lady also launched sharp attack on former US President Donald Trump, calling him a dangerous man.

“I’ve been so proud of how Joe has placed women at the center of his agenda. But Donald Trump?” she remarked, eliciting boos from the audience. “He spent a lifetime tearing us down and devaluing our existence. He mocks women’s bodies, disrespects our accomplishments and brags about assault. Now he’s bragging about killing Roe v Wade.”
The first lady continued to highlight her concerns, saying, “He took credit again for enabling states like Georgia to pass cruel abortion bans that are taking away the right of women to make their health care decisions. How far will he go? When will he stop? You know the answer: He won’t. He won’t.”
Embarking on a three-day, four-stop battleground state campaign swing, Jill Biden is spearheading the “Women for Biden-Harris” coalition, emphasising her role as a top surrogate to organise and mobilise female voters for the upcoming general election. Her mission is clear – delivering a pointed message about the perceived dangers of Donald Trump, as reported by CNN.
“Donald Trump is dangerous to women and to our families. We simply cannot let him win,” she asserted passionately in Atlanta.
Her campaign trail will take her through Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin, with a strategic focus on reaching out to Black and Latino communities to bolster support among key demographic groups.
While her initial campaign efforts involved fundraising activities across the country, her role is evolving. In the months ahead, she is expected to become a more frequent presence on the campaign trail, advocating for her husband and his agenda.
Despite clarifying that she is not a political adviser to President Joe Biden, Jill Biden’s influence is significant. She actively participates in political meetings and hiring decisions for key staff, making her a trusted partner in the White House and the campaign. Balancing her campaign work with her official role and teaching position at Northern Virginia Community College, Jill Biden remains committed to her responsibilities.
As the campaign intensifies, there are plans to hire additional staff to support the first lady in her outreach efforts. While most of her travel in 2024 will be within the United States, there’s speculation that she might accompany the president to the G7 summit in Italy in June and attend the Paris Olympics, according to insider sources, CNN reported.

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