India likely to reconsider early Covid-19 booster dose for those travelling overseas. Details here

  • This has been among the several ideas discussed by the government expert panel which is looking at several issues related to booster doses

India may reconsider the nine-month gap between the second Covid-19 shot and the booster dose for those travelling overseas, especially to countries mandating that arriving travellers have been administered a third shot, people familiar with the matter said, according to Hindustan Times report.

Additionally, this may be reduced to six months, they said. This is among  the several ideas discussed by the government’s expert panel which is looking at several issues related to booster doses, including reducing the gap for all eligible people to about six months.

Many have made representations to the central government lately on reducing the gap as many countries have begun asking for a Covid-19 booster dose, creating hurdles for those intending to travel abroad for employment, education, business, or pleasure. Some experts have also said that reducing the gap from the current nine months would speed up the booster drive as it is currently lagging.

This development comes at a time when at least 105.8 million people were eligible for the booster dose (those who had received both shots of the vaccine as on August 1, 2021) as on May 1, but only 28.3 million have taken one, as per the Health Ministry data.

Meanwhile, the government’s expert advisory panel, National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (NTAGI) is looking at the available evidence to make recommendations in this regard. “NTAGI is looking at data to see if it is good to reduce the gap from existing nine months. They might prioritise those who urgently need a booster for the purpose of travel as many countries have made it a requirement for travel. However, ultimate decision will be based on what the opinion is of experts on the technical panel,” said a senior government functionary aware of the matter, on condition of anonymity.

The move also comes as vaccines are being wasted for lack of people to administer them to (each vial of Covishield for instance, vaccinates 10 people. Several studies have established the fact that antibody levels decline over time in the vaccinated persons, making a case for opening up of booster doses to widen the protection. India started booster shots among health care and frontline workers, and in the 60+ age group with comorbidities from January 10, this year. The eligibility was expanded to all adults from April 10.

NTAGI members met on Wednesday to discuss reducing the gap for booster shots, and expanding the vaccine drive to children below the age of 11 years. However, it is important to note that no final decision was taken on both the matters, according to people familiar with the development.

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