Online harassment of PSAJK President: Cyber police cracks case, questions accused

Accused tenders unconditional apology, PSAJK withdraws case to save his career and reputation

PSAJK expresses gratitude to cyber police for quick action, asks people to use right of expression responsibly

Srinagar, May 10: Cyber Police has cracked the case of online harassment and maligning of president of Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir and private schools. The police traced the location of the accused and brought him to the concerned police station to know the reason behind his online activity.
When confronted, the accused broke down and accepted that he had started an online campaign of sorts to malign the private schools and the PSAJK. “When asked for any valid reason or if he had any evidence based complaint against the association, he said that he had none. He had done it partly for making fun of private schools and partly out of frustration of losing job,” said a spokesperson of PSAJK.
Police too asked the accused if he had any genuine complaint against the Association, but he couldn’t produce any such complaint. “We have a solid grievance redressal mechanism through which anybody can reach us in case of any genuine problem. We too asked the person to tell us about his problem so that we will address it. But he had no such grievance against the association and had started the online harassment and maligning of our office bearers by misusing right of expression on social media,” said the spokesperson.
The Association lamented that people are misusing the right of expression on social media and turning it into a tool to malign and harass people. “We are not against right to expression and even criticising of schools, but everything should be backed by strong evidences. If people have genuine complaint they can approach us through our designated channels. Maligning and harassing people achieves nothing. This time PSAJK has forgiven the said person but in case of repetition of such maligning activity we will let law take its course,” said the spokesperson of PSAJK. “Even Islam strictly forbids such kind of maligning activity and labelling of unfounded accusations. So people should use social media responsible for the constructive work.”
The association thanked the Cyber Police for cracking the case speedily.

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