NC, Cong mislead public, my focus development: Azad

NC, Cong mislead public, my focus development: Azad

Jammu April 15: Chairman DPAP, Ghulam Nabi Azad, today slammed the NC and Congress for misleading the public.

He referred to their actions as stemming from frustration due to the strong presence of DPAP in the Chenab Valley.

While addressing a public meeting, in Doda Azad rebuked the selective attention of political parties towards the plight of Chenab Valley people. He questioned the whereabouts of political tourists during the region’s years of hardship and criticized parties for their silence on critical issues like land eviction order and Article 370.

He accused NC of tacitly supporting the BJP’s agenda for their own interests, highlighting their failure to prioritize the welfare of the people. He stated “Where were these political tourists in Chenab Valley during these ten years of people’s suffering? Did they raise their voices against land eviction or Article 370 in Parliament? No. They seem to be aiding the BJP in every action. Their leaders are too busy appeasing the BJP, just check their statements. They are the ones who declared their doors open for NDA, not me.

So, who’s the BJP’s A team? It’s the NC.” Azad questioned the Congress party’s stance on Article 370. Reflecting on his time as Leader of the Opposition, he emphasized his advocacy for Article 370, 35A, and statehood. He expressed concern over the current silence from the Congress on these significant issues. He said that instead of confronting the BJP, the Congress seems to direct its focus on targeting our party, suggesting a perceived decline in influence. He characterized this shift as indicative of internal frustration within the party. He said, ‘Congress is silent on Article 370, they didn’t even speak when I was in Congress. Only I know how I managed to speak on Article 370 in parliament.’ Azad criticized the party’s lack of a clear stance, accusing them of misleading and abusing those who question their leadership. He lamented their failure to address public issues, attributing their electoral losses to this neglect. He criticized those in Congress who prioritize appeasing the high command, by saying that they are doing injustice to the party.

Meanwhile, Azad described NC leader Omar Abdullah as a ‘tourist’ who spends summers in London and winters in warmer climates abroad. He pointed out that despite their political actions, such as implementing the Public Safety Act (PSA) and the loss of innocent lives, Abdullah and his cohorts have continued to live luxuriously, showing a lack of concern for the people. Azad has reaffirmed his commitment to serving the people of the state. He emphasized that unlike some, he does not indulge in leisurely vacations but remains dedicated to addressing the suffering of his people.

Expressing empathy for the struggles faced by the people, he declared his unwavering determination to bring justice and development to the region. He urged the public to scrutinize his track record, highlighting his significant contributions to development efforts. He appealed the public to support G.M. Saroori, the DPAP candidate, in the upcoming lok sabha elections. Recognizing Saroori’s tireless efforts and unwavering dedication, Azad praised him as a secular leader committed to addressing public issues. He expressed confidence in Saroori’s ability to effectively represent the people’s concerns in parliament, citing his track record of advocacy and action. Among others who were present on the occassion were G.M.Saroori Vice Chairman, Ab Majeed Wani Gen Secretary, Asif Gattu Distt President and others.

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