Indian Army Holds Free Medical camp at Bedar Mandi

Indian Army Holds Free Medical camp at Bedar Mandi

Jammu: Indian Army organized a free medical camp at the Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Bedar Mandi, a remote area located in the Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir. This initiative aimed to provide essential healthcare services to the residents of the village, many of whom have limited access to medical facilities due to their geographical location and socio-economic constraints. The medical camp, which was held in collaboration with local health authorities and civil doctors, witnessed a significant turnout of villagers seeking medical assistance and advice on various health issues.

The Army’s decision to conduct a medical camp in Bedar Mandi is commendable, considering the challenges faced by the residents in accessing quality healthcare services. The village is situated in a hilly and difficult terrain, making it hard for the residents to travel to urban areas for medical treatment. Additionally, the lack of adequate healthcare infrastructure in the region further exacerbates the healthcare disparities faced by the villagers. Therefore, the Army’s initiative to bring medical services directly to the community is a welcome step towards addressing these challenges.

The medical camp at PHC Bedar Mandi provided a wide range of healthcare services, including general check-ups, consultations with doctors, diagnostic tests, and distribution of free medicines. The camp also focused on raising awareness about common health issues such as hygiene practices, nutrition, and disease prevention. The collaboration between army doctors and civil healthcare professionals ensured that the residents received comprehensive medical care during the camp.

One of the key highlights of the medical camp was the participation of local leaders and community members who actively supported and promoted the event within the village. Their involvement helped in mobilizing a large number of villagers to avail of the medical services offered at the camp. The presence of local leaders also underscored the importance of community engagement in promoting healthcare initiatives and fostering a culture of health awareness among the residents.

The medical camp witnessed a diverse range of patients seeking treatment for various health conditions. Common ailments such as respiratory infections, skin diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, and musculoskeletal problems were addressed by the medical team during the camp. Patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis also received specialized care and advice on managing their health effectively.

In addition to providing medical treatment, the camp also emphasized preventive healthcare measures to educate the villagers on maintaining good health and preventing diseases. Information sessions on topics such as personal hygiene, sanitation practices, vaccination schedules, and healthy lifestyle habits were conducted to empower the community with knowledge and skills to lead healthier lives.

The distribution of free medicines at the medical camp was a significant relief for many residents who struggle to afford basic healthcare necessities due to financial constraints. The availability of essential medications at no cost ensured that patients could receive immediate relief for their health issues without worrying about the financial burden. This gesture by the Army not only demonstrated their commitment to serving the community but also highlighted their compassion towards improving the well-being of the villagers.

The positive feedback received from the villagers and local leaders following the medical camp at PHC Bedar Mandi reflected the impact of such initiatives on the community. Many residents expressed their gratitude towards the Army for organizing the camp and providing them with much-needed medical assistance. The villagers appreciated the efforts made by the medical team to address their health concerns and offer guidance on leading healthier lifestyles.

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