“You have voted, now it’s time for us to deliver”: Keir Starmer after exit polls show landslide win for UK’s Labour Party

“You have voted, now it’s time for us to deliver”: Keir Starmer after exit polls show landslide win for UK’s Labour Party

London [UK]: Following exit polls that revealed a landslide victory for the Labour Party, its leader, Keir Starmer who is poised to become United Kingdom’s next prime minister on Friday said that people were now “ready for change.”
Starmer’s remarks were made on a stage after his win from the Holborn and St Pancras constituency in north London.

“Tonight, people here and around the country have spoken. They are ready for change…The change begins right here because this is your democracy, your community and your future. You have voted and now it is time for us to deliver,” Starmer said as reported by CNN.
He was joined on stage by many unconventional candidates, one of whom was dressed like Elmo, which according to the CNN is a distinctive aspect of British democracy.
“I promise this: Whether you voted for me or not, I will serve every person in this constituency,” the chief of the Labour Party said.
The centre-left Labour Party is set to secure a decisive victory in Britain’s general election, according to a comprehensive exit poll. This outcome ends a 14-year reign of the Conservative Party and positions Labour leader Keir Starmer to assume the role of prime minister imminently.
Meanwhile, two Conservative Cabinet members have lost their seats, adding to the Tories’ increasing suffering on this disastrous election night.
In Welwyn Hatfield, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps was defeated by Labour, the most well-known loss so far.
Shapps had worked under several prime ministers and held a variety of Cabinet posts, including home secretary, business, energy, and industrial strategy secretary, and secretary for energy security and net zero. In 2005, he was elected to the parliament.
While falling short of more dramatic predictions made during the campaign, the exit poll results signify a significant decline for the Tories since their landslide victory under former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2019.
Since then, internal strife and a series of scandals have plagued the Conservative Party, failing to reverse public skepticism about their performance. In contrast, Starmer’s disciplined campaign centred on the promise of “Change,” resonating with voters disenchanted by the Tories.
Starmer, a former barrister who entered Parliament in 2015 and assumed Labour leadership in 2020, has steered his party towards the political center. His platform emphasizes revitalizing public services while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

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